Fluffs & Tuffs - Dog Care Services

We have extensive experience and training with all types of grooming situations such as:

Difficult to groom dogs that just hate being groomed.
Veteran dogs and the many problems they have.
Dogs that don't like other dogs.
Timid dogs that are scared of their own shadows.
Dogs that have had previous bad experiences.
Dogs with badly matted coats. (See our 'Matted Coats Policy')
Puppies and introduction grooms.

All of these types of grooms are thoroughly discussed with their owners and we work together to get the best results.

All of the groomers here at Fluffs & Tuffs are fully qualified or have a minimum of 4 years current grooming experience. 


Upon arrival a full consultation will be given and we will agree the exact service your dog needs and your particular requirements.  We will discuss all aspects of your dogs groom.

We only use professional products and tailor those to suit the needs of your dog for the best possible results and the wellbeing of your dog.


The services we provide can all be tailored to your dogs needs but these are the most popular services offered:

Full Groom:

Bath and dry, nails trimmed, ears clean/plucked, anal glands (on request), clippered or scissored to style and a spray of cologne and a quick photo shoot to finish.

Bath Only:

Bath and dry, we usually include nails too. We can also de-shed at this stage if needed.

Cut Only
We do cut or trim only but its not really a service I like to offer as it doesn't give the best finish. If it is the best option for your dog then that's what we will do but it will require the dog to be pre-washed and thoroughly dry just prior to coming to the salon as we cannot cut or clipper a dirty coat as it will cause our scissors and clippers to become blunt and therefore incur additional charges.

Puppy Introduction:

This is an introduction to the entire grooming environment offered to puppies up to the age of 4 months. They will have a bath and dry, nails trimmed, paws and pads trimmed, eyes cleared and if very fluffy their bottoms trimmed.  They get the opportunity to spend time on the grooming table getting used to all the sights and sounds of the salon, and very often make some new friends too.

Puppy Groom:

This is all as a Puppy Intro but also includes a light trim all over.  This is often the groom before the full groom. Puppies all vary from breed to breed and personality. We usually tailor puppy grooms around the puppy and breed. All is thoroughly discussed at consultation.

Veteran Groom:

This is a groom that is completely tailored around the dogs needs.

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